SharePoint Columns Cannot Group by or Filter a View with multiple value

Microsoft SharePoint is a Beautiful web Technology. But, due to some reasons in SharePoint we cannot group by or filter a view using a column that has multiple entries allowed to it. For an example, Location column where you can add multiple Locations to it will not be available in a Group by or Filter drop-down of a view form.

You have to change the Column settings to allow a single entry if you need to Group by or filter on that Column.

In addition to the above point, we cannot create Indexed Columns on the multiple entries allowed columns.

Indexed Columns or group by or filter doesn't works on the below list of columns:

1. Multiple lines of text
2. Choice (menu to choose from) - with Check Box(Multiple Value)
3. Lookup (information already on this site) - with multiple Lookup value
4. Person or Group - with allow multiple values selected

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Sudheer Gangumolu

I'm a Software Analyst / Developer / Blogger, having good experience in working with different flavors & Customization of SharePoint (i.e.,SP O365 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007) and .Net Apps. Currently, working on SharePoint 2013 / SharePoint O365. Guiding people on my technologies.

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