Creating features in SharePoint

SharePoint Feature is used to group related item to make easy deployments from Visual Studio. you can not only use the existing features, you can also Create a features in Visual Studio to group similar items for easier deployment to SharePoint. You can create Features, set scope for the features, and mark other features as dependencies by using the SharePoint feature Designer. The designer also generates a manifest, an XML file that describes each Feature.

For example, if you want to create different features to group on Content types, Lists Instances, Master pages, Custom Web Parts to deploy in your SharePoint site with different scopes you can create features in SharePoint and group the similar items.

You can add a Feature to the SharePoint Solution by using Solution Explorer or Packaging Explorer.

a. To open the Packaging Explorer, click on the menu bar, choose View, Other Windows, Packaging Explorer. The Packaging Explorer Toolbox appears.

Package Explorer to add SharePoint Features

b. In Solution Explorer, by clicking on the Features, and then choose Add Feature.

Solution Explorer to add SharePoint Feature

After adding a New Feature, use the Feature Designer to add or remove SharePoint project items you want to change.

1. To add item to a SharePoint Feature for deployment you can select the item in left to right and click move the items to right side by using the below move buttons shown in the screenshot below.

2. Similarly, To remove the items from deployment you can select the item in right site and click on move the items.

Solution Explorer to Move SharePoint Features

Hope this article is helpful for you.

For more Information Please check Microsoft MSDN

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