Controlling the order of SharePoint Feature Activation in Visual Studio

When you create SharePoint Solutions in Microsoft Visual Studio, your solutions will often contain several features. Additionally, these features will often have dependencies on other features within the solution package. In this situation, you can control the solution to deploy your features in the Visual Studio solution file by changing the order to prevent from attempting to activate a feature before its dependencies are deployed.

To Change the Order of Features:
1, Open a Visual Studio solution Explorer.
2. Expand the solution and Double click on the package node to Open that File.

3. Package file will open in a designer mode.
4. Select an Item in the package designer to move from left to right to Select/Add the feature and from right to left to Deselect the feature.

5. You can also use the up and down arrow buttons on the right side to change the deployment order.

Hope this article is useful for you.

Sudheer Gangumolu

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  1. Hello Sudheer,

    I am looking to develop a workflow which can create Events and Tasks both on SharePoint and Exchange Calender. is this possible or not? If Yes, then how? I have SharePoint 2013 intranet and Exchange 2010 Mail server on two different domain.