10 Cool Things You Can Do With SharePoint 2010

 Microsoft SharePoint is an invaluable addition to any business environment, and is a central repository for web based applications. SharePoint is a powerful tool, but it can be daunting to first time users to understand the many things this software can accomplish. To that end, here are a few things you may not know about Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

10 Cool Things You Can Do With SharePoint 2010
1. SharePoint is a great piece of software for creating and maintaining a company intranet site. This has many business benefits, not the least of which is that it allows for the internal publication and review of important employee documentation in a centralized location. 

2. This usage of SharePoint also has the advantage that, since SharePoint can be used as a document management application, those employee handbooks that you previously were printing out, and using significant amounts of expensive ink and paper, can now simply be posted to the company SharePoint site, and linked from the company Intranet. 

3. SharePoint is also flexible and secure enough to be used for a company website. Allowing the same level of document management and content management that is provided to internal employees to be provided to customers. 

4. The application also excels when it comes to configuration and management. Utilizing a “ribbon style” interface that is familiar to most Microsoft Office users, your average user should be able to jump right in and start creating and managing content without extensive training and oversight. 

5. SharePoint 2010 also now includes social media integration. This feature allows your users to share information about themselves and what they do more easily, allowing for rapid location of needed resources within both large and small organizations. 

6. It is also capable of being utilized and managed remotely. With applications available on many popular portable computing platforms such as the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, your employees and customers can have the same access to powerful tools in the field as they do in the office. 

7. SharePoint has also advanced in taking advantage of innovations from other content management applications with the inclusion of a new Wikipedia-like WYSIWYG editor. This will allow for an increased rate of publication to SharePoint resources, and an editing format that more and more users are becoming familiar with. 

8. The ability to embed videos in SharePoint has also been enhanced with SharePoint 2010. Now you can simply embed a video directly into the page without relying on third-party applications, and the videos are rendered using the flexible Microsoft Silverlight framework.

9. SharePoint 2010 includes the incredible improvement of allowing SharePoint list metadata to be accessed and utilized by external applications such as Microsoft Excel. This makes migrating data to and from your SharePoint lists quick and painless. 

10. Last but not least, SharePoint includes Microsoft Visio integration making it simple and quick for your users to design a flowchart, organizational chart, or other diagram and publish it instantly to the rest of the company.

Hope this article helps you.

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